Confession #15……

It has been almost three months since my last blog post and yet it almost feels like lifetimes. There have been so many changes internally and externally I practically feel like a different person!

I left my last post as a sort of cliff hanger for the next one regarding our Supernatural Tour. Since I can so easily get distracted that second post never came.

Because I would like to move on to some very important things I want to share, I’m going to stay with this short and brief description: Our Supernatural Tour was filled with complete LOVE and JOY. We made our way from Austin to Seattle and at every stop we were greeted with unconditional love, acceptance, and whatever help we needed to fulfill our mission of the trip! While we didn’t get as many interviews as I had planned, we created vortexes of love at every stop. We grew our “family” and made lasting relationships. We ended it in the most unbelievable way in Seattle, Wa with an amazing group of people, all together, in one house, for 2 days. We laughed, we loved, we cried, and most importantly, grew the energy of love. I realize now, THAT was my mission and purpose of the tour. To just be love and spread it at every stop we made. I’m so beyond grateful and humbled at all the amazing support and help we had to make that experience a once in a lifetime thing. And it certainly was!


Now on to part two….

I created a mind movie back in June of last year. If you don’t know what a mind movie is, I highly recommend looking it up and doing one. Basically, it is a live vision board. A movie you put together with music of your choice along with pictures and affirmations of exactly what you want in your life. Not only is it fun, it helps you to get VERY clear on what you want your life to look like. Most of the time, people can’t even get that step down. So they are subject to randomness in their life because they are too afraid to even ask for what they want. To get very clear on what they want. This is a great tool for you to do just that.

Anyways, I have since made another one, changing out some of the slides and different affirmations and music, but one slide has remained the same; “I help others through my blog posts”. When making this mind movie, I had been very active on my blog. Since then, many more doors have opened, other projects have come to front and center and my blog has taken a back seat. Which is why it is so important to continually update your mind movie as you expand.

In the past 4 days, I have received two very important emails from women that have read my blog. Women that are stuck in their lives and know they deserve more. I am reminded of why I started this blog in the first place and my deep desire to help women that are in a similar circumstance as I was.

This is coming at the same time as a project I am putting together with my partner and my very best friend. It all feels way too synchronistic…..

I have been doing A LOT of inner work in the last three months. I mean, really getting dirty. Stepping outside of my comfort zones, going to those dark places inside, and taking leaps into the unknown. It hasn’t necessarily been easy, but the experiences I have had since December 1st of last year are nothing I could have ever imagined in my wildest of dreams!

I can’t help to feel that it has all been to get me ready for this. To finally be ready to really let myself be shown and let what I have always known I had in me come out. To get beyond myself and my bullshit to REALLY affect others. Because it isn’t about me. It’s about the message of transformation and more importantly LOVE.

Through my experiences, I have come to realize that in the end, it really is all just about love. That is what we are all looking for and what we all want in our lives. Not love from another person; love for and from ourselves. True, unconditional love. But our programs, beliefs, and habits always get in the way and lead us to believe love comes from external sources. What a great way to keep us from looking inside where it has existed all along! I remember a quote from one of my spiritual teachers that went something along the lines of, “You want to be tricky, hide the divine in the one place humans will never look; inside themselves.”

There are MANY tools out there to help you move beyond those habits and programs. I am going to be sharing one that I am starting. But I will be the first and hopefully not the last to tell you, you should never stick to only one tool or one person that is teaching those tools. Use many. Use as many as you can. Expand yourself in every way possible. Keep digging to find that love inside of you that has always been there. If you dig deep enough, I promise you, you will find it. But we too easily can get trapped in comfort and habit. You find one tool that works, after a while, it too can become a habit. A program. Something for you to DO rather than to feel. A check mark off the list of things to do today.

Change is growth. Use something for a while to help you get rid of blocks, then add something else to it! If you aren’t in movement, you are stagnant. You can’t grow when you are stagnant. And remember, even the bad experiences are there for you to feel. We came here to feel those as well. Because it can get boring living in love and ecstasy all the time! We asked, Is there more, and that’s when more came. So, love those moments too. Know that you are experiencing them because you are ALIVE and that is all part of the experience. Because in the end, love transmutes everything! Nothing else can exist in love because love eats it all up. It is the very highest frequency. No disease, no bad emotion, no judgement, no hatred, no doubt, NOTHING can exist if you are in love.

With that being said, I know I am always guided to who and where I am supposed to be all the time. That doesn’t mean I always listen…. But I know that compass is there inside of me, always, and it is up to me to listen to it or not. I have made some enormous changes in my life since September of 2017. Huge. But I have also gotten so much better at listening to my own internal compass, being open to where I am guided to be. Sometimes I haven’t understood why I was supposed to do certain things, but most of the time the answers come much later. When I am ready to see. And I now can see why certain people have come into my life and what I am supposed to do with them. I have always known that my partner and I were meant to change lives together. To spread the message of being able to jump into the unknown and trust in a future you may not be able to see right away. To spread the message of possibility and love.

There have also been an abundance of friends….or as I look at them, chosen family…..that have come into my life since then as well. People that have held me up and loved me more than I could love myself in some moments. Held me and cried with me and laughed with me. Accepted me with no conditions. Those are the people I would choose every day for forever. I suppose I already have in many lifetimes before.

The point is, I have been lucky enough to also form partnerships in business with them and joined almost a team of transformation. Since I obviously am a strong believer in having many different pieces of the puzzle when it comes to tools, I want to work with different tools and techniques in assisting others to transform their lives. To find that love and connection inside of them.

So, I will be starting a 30 day, sort of “scientific testing”…..although that word is used VERY loosely! I will be taking 5 volunteers for the next 30 days and seeing how well a couple of very simple steps can impact them. I will be working with my partner and friend on this so all 5 volunteers will get an aspect of each of our teachings. The amazing part is, each of our three teachings build on each other. It starts with getting a new perspective on your whole world and life. A sort of paradigm shift in your reality. Then you will be leaded into a technique that will assist you in “cutting the connection” to old beliefs and emotions. The last step will include some heart opening and breath work to get the emotions out of your body. The three parts make up a sort of whole.

If they are then ready to take it a step further after those 30 days, they will join us in Cancun for our first retreat where we will then add the Lucia light to the mix which will open up their connection to themselves even more. They will be able to go even deeper after clearing many of their old belief systems and stuck emotions.

My passion and dream and purpose in this life is to inspire others into change themselves. To show them through my living that is really is possible to live everything you want. To not have to live in fear or worry or stress or anything that keeps you from being happy. I feel I can do a small part of that by helping others with these seemingly simple steps. Change doesn’t have to be complicated. Love is not complicated. It is really very simple. You just have to be willing to take the first step.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, all I ask is that you commit to this for 30 days. There is no cost to any of it, except for maybe your life changing a little bit J

Send me an email at with your interest in the project. We can only take on 5 at this time as it will be time intensive.

I hope that you will join me in taking a step towards freedom in your own life. That you will say today, enough is enough. I am done with being a victim TO life and am 100% ready to become a creator OF life. There’s no better time for change then this moment….

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