Are you ready to detox from your life? Learn how to take your power back and finally live your life in 8 short weeks!

Believing in something more…….

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” -The Wizard of Oz
First, I want to start with being very clear that this isn’t some cheesy pitch thrown together to get you to buy into something that you shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it is my passion to help women find their way out of dysfunction and create the life they deserve. But I want to work with women that aren’t just ready to change, but it is absolutely necessary that they change. I’ve been there. My whole identity revolved around being a wife, mom, daughter, daughter in law, sister, business owner, and everything to everyone. Except for myself. But I wasn’t a victim in any of that. That is the life I created for myself to keep me trapped in a world of feeling like I was helpless. Like there was no way out. You see, my world was just a reflection of exactly what was going on inside of me. What had been going on inside of me since I could remember. And it all finally culminated to the moment I finally took my power back and said no more. I walked out of my old life and walked straight into my power. I chose love over fear. Love for myself and love for life. And since then, I can promise you, my life has done more then just a 180. It’s done a 360 four times and back again. I don’t let fear rule my decisions or my life anymore. I found the most amazing partner I could have ever asked for (even more so then what I had been asking for!) I have traveled all over the U.S….and Mexico twice…..I have a growing, thriving, business, have had the most amazing experiences with the most amazing people, and am grateful every day that I really do get to live the life of my dreams. And all of this in a short years time. The knowledge and tools and support I will give you in 8 weeks, if you truly want it, will also walk you into your future. I will never promise you it will be easy. There may be many times fear will stare you in the face and your body will fight you desperately to make you want to give in. This 8 week study and immersion is not for the weak hearted. It is for warriors. Someone that is ready and willing to stare fear in the face and once and for all, tell it to f*** off. Your life will change. But you have to be willing to make those changes. Are you truly ready to live the life of your dreams? Are you ready to start taking your power back and not be a victim to life anymore? Are you ready to start putting yourself first so you can truly be the best mom, wife, and person you can be? Because if you are, buckle your seatbelt and hold on…’s a wild ride ahead!
For more information on my detoxing from dysfunction program, including the steps clearly laid out week by week as well as free love over merchandise upon signing up, please email me at

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